Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management is located in Nigeria with the Head office in Lagos State, Nigeria West Africa and she has many years of experience in the area of Customer Care / Services, Customer Relationship Management, Front Deck Officer, Call Center Management, etc. as a professional body.


Aims and Objectives

To develop and teach the art and science of best practices in Customer Relationship Management an profession, industry, academic, discipline and distinct field of study and knowledge.


Our Vision

To raise the status of the profession of Customer Service Management to a level where membership of the institute and appropriate qualifications are recognized by the business community in Nigeria as essential prerequisites for positions in Customer Service and Relationship Management.

Becoming a Member

The following are guidelines for aspiring members of the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management. The following categories of membership are available: FellowCorporate Members, Direct Member, Individual Member, and Associate Member. Full eligibility requirement for each grade of membership can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Determing whether to join a professional body usually comes with so many


Membership Portal Services

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Affiliates and Partners

To be the leading management consulting firm that will adopt modern and integrated approaches in resolving talent management challenges to ensure Cmaximum productivity in workplace.



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